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The Pottstown Power (then called the Flames) first took the floor as a new ABA franchise in the 2018-2019 season.  The new team named Craig Keyes Jr as Head Coach.  Heading into their second season, the Power (Flames) handed over the Head Coaching duties to Mike Behnke and by the end of the season earned the opportunity to play in the playoff play-in game.  The Flames 3rd season brought a new owner to Pottstown in Joe Burnett Sr.  Now entering their 4th season in the ABA, The Flames have come under new leadership.  A Power's (Flames) previous coach (Mike Behnke) has purchased the franchise and rebranded them as the "Pottstown Power" for the 2020-21 season.

2017-18 Pottstown Flames

Flames year 1.JPG

2018-19 Pottstown Flames 

Flames year 2.JPG

2019-20 Pottstown Flames 

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